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  • Provides your patient with meal plans, grocery lists, recommended
    daily caloric intake, and weight goal, all right on their phone

  • Mobile logging of food intake, exercise activity, and weight history synchronizes with the My Mobile Coach web account and vice versa

  • Patients can log their meals and exercise activity any time,
    any place--no WIFI access necessary

  • Physicians and nutritional counselors can monitor patient activity,
    track usage, & evaluate progress

  • Holds patients accountable and encourages compliance

  • Training videos are provided for physicians and their patients

  • Convenient and easy-to-use

Accountability, on-going support, and communication are key factors
in helping your patients reach their goals and maintain good health.

My Mobile Coach is an easy-to-use and convenient phone app and web account that allows your patients to plan and record meals and activities, track progress, and stay in communication with you every step of the way.

Follow these instruction for downloading the app:
1. Go to the App store
2. Search for "Mobile Coach Medipro"
3. Tap the INSTALL button
4. Once the app is downloaded, enter the Mobile Coach username and password you were sent via email from your clinician.
Remember: Your Mobile Coach login information will be different than your web account login information.

View the Tutorial

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